Play in Australia

Mission Statement

To provide unique opportunity for overseas cricketers to visit Australia, to play, pratice and experience a full training schedule with the specific objective of devoloping all aspects of their game.

At the same time, providing a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience some of the most incredible scenery, wildelife and tourism in the world.

Player Placement

Many clubs are presently eager to have visiting overseas cricketers in teams throughout Victoria and Queensland. These competitions range in standards, which is ideal because players also range vastly in terms of playing ability!

We can arrange for any player, a suitable cricket club, to enjoy playing throughout a summer down under. From recreational players, wanting a life experience on and off the field, through to Academy, UCCE or First Class cricketers, who are wanting to further their cricket experience and perhaps gain an edge on players who have spent the winter at home.

District and Suburban Turf clubs each year have a number of overseas players throughout their grades and it?s a great thing, as Aussies love to come to U.K. as well. It is simply a tremendous experience.

Cricket here is entirely amateur and most players need to be aware that they need to fund their own journeys. Quite simply if you are a player and don?t know how to go about getting across to Australia to play and/or have a holiday, contact us immediately!

300 U.K. Pounds